PA Cider Festival


Hello Cider Fest Friends,

Because we were unable to host the festival due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we were also unable to make a significant donation to the PA Cider Guild, which we have done every year.

So, to help our friends at the PA Cider Guild, we're excited to announce a virtual Pennsylvania cider experience and fundraiser on August 15.

Saturday at noon, the PA Cider Guild will be releasing a special cider maker video and collector's edition PA Cider Fest T-Shirts to benefit the Guild and celebrate PA cider with you, virtually.

About the PA Cider Guild

The Pennsylvania Cider Guild is a community of cider makers, cider drinkers, and associated businesses unified around the common goal of growing the market for Pennsylvania cider.

Through education, communication, outreach, and legislative reform, we are collectively increasing the accessibility of Pennsylvania cider locally, regionally, and nationally.

We miss you, we love you, save the date... August 15th!

🍎❤️ PA Cider Fest