2019 Participating Cider Makers

We'll be adding this year's cider makers to the list as they're confirmed!

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Armstrong Valley Winery

Bad Boy Cider
Sweet carbonated apple cider.
Bad Girl Cider
Sweet carbonated apple cider with 10% cranberry.

Arsenal Cider House

Picket Bone Dry Hard Apple Cider
Truly Dry Modern
Fighting Elleck Hard Apple Cider
Off Dry Modern
Archibald's Ado Hard Apple Cider
Semi-Sweet Modern
Event Blend Hard Apple Cider
Semi-Sweet Modern Session
Grierson's Ginger Apple Cider
Semi-Sweet spiced with Fresh Ginger
Single Varietal & Specialty Ciders

Big Hill Ciderworks

Medium Sweetness with no added sugar or sweetener.
Little Round Hop
Hopped cider with lemongrass
Michaux Mule
Off-dry cider with ginger & lime
Summer Scrumpy
Off-dry, refreshing cider
Kingston Black
Single varietal dry cider
Golden Russet
Single varietal barrel aged dry cider
Manchurian Crabapple
Single varietal barrel aged crabapple cider - tart!
Sour cider with peaches, honey & orange zest
Wild fermented sour cider

Broad Mountain Vineyard

Cassel Vineyards of Hershey

Dry Hopped Cider
Dry Hopped with Saaz and Glacier Hops in an IPA style.
English Apple Cider
Cider steeped with English Breakfast Tea and Lime semi-dry
Apple Pie Cider
Cider flavored with Apple Juice/Cinnamon and Caramel Semi-sweet
Cherry Pie Cider
Cider flavored with Cherry Juice and spices Semi-sweet

Dressler Estate

Modern Still
A fruit-forward, dry cider that has bright acidity with a delicate and clean finish.
Modern Sparkling
Effervescence produced by an in-bottle fermentation gives this cider an earthy profile with a tart, dry finish.
King in Arms
Aged with toasted French oak chips, the apple flavor is intensified and complemented by hints of cedar giving this cider a warm profile.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider

Blue Illusion
Blueberry Lavender.
Street Magic
Hopped Grapefruit.
Mystic Pineapple
Hopped Pineapple.

Hale & True

Hail to the Hop
Dry-hopped with Citra hops for bright and tart grapefruit notes, dry, 6.5%
Lil' Sunshine
Orange peel and a touch of local wildflower honey are added post-fermentation, off-dry, 6%

Jack’s Hard Cider

Killarney Cidery

Dóchas (DOE-hass / hope)
Cortland and McIntosh for depth of flavor and character blended with the mid-late season, sweet/sharp Honeycrisp.
Still, dry, oaked cider. Hand crafted with Heirloom apples and aged in medium toast, 36-month air-dried American white oak barrels.
Neachtar (neeoc-tar / nectar)
Known as Mutsu in its native Japan, Crispin provides a complex spicy flavor. Cortland for depth. The sweet/sharp, honeyed Winesap. Golden Delicious brings a good sugar-acid balance. Chapitalized with local, raw honey.
Piorra (pure-a / pear)
Twenty five percent sweet, juicy Bartlett pear. The sweet-tart, early season Zestar. McIntosh for depth of flavor. Paula Red - early harvested, reminiscent of strawberries.

Knockin Noggin Cidery and Winery

Semi Tart Granny Smith.
Sweet Red Delicious with Pressed Cranberries.
Summertime fresh squeezed lemonade hard cider.
Sweet Tea
Southern Style sweet tea hard cider.

Lancaster County Cider

Blueberry Cider
Blood Orange Cider
Peach Vanilla Cider
Raspberry Cider

Original 13 Ciderworks

Sir Charles Original Semi Dry
An semi dry crisp apple made from 100% fresh pressed PA apple.
Sir Charles Strawberry Valkyrie
A semi dry American style cider made with a blend of fresh strawberry and a hint of apricot.
Atcama Bone Dry
An English styled bone dry cider made from 100% PA fresh pressed apple.
Atcama Dry Hopped
Our traditional Atacama cider dry hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Huell Melon hops.

Spring Gate Vineyard

Stone and Key Cellars

Cherry Pie Hard Cider
(off-dry) A delightfully fresh and sparkling cider with highlights of tart Montmorency cherries. Excellent balance of tart and sweet.
Solely Hard Cider
(sweet) The name is both an homage to our favorite local orchard (Solebury), and a reflection of the philosophy of this cider: keep it simple and allow the essence of apple to shine through.
Vino Cider (TBD)
A varietal, to be determined, of our co-fermented wine and cider blend.
Specialty (TBD)
A varietal, to be determined, of our small batch seasonal or specialty cider.
Ice Apple Cider
(sweet) Cryo-concentrated with a special blend of sweet cider before fermentation. The result is a sweet, luscious dessert cider that is bursting with fresh apple flavor.

Wyndridge Farm

Come taste Pennsylvania's cider!

June 22 at Jack's Hard Cider, in Biglerville PA
Tickets $25  •  12 pm - 4 pm  •  Event attendees must be 21+