2018 Participating Cider Makers

We'll be adding this year's cider makers to the list as they're confirmed!

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Armstrong Valley Winery

Bad Boy Cider — Sweet sparkling apple cider

Bad Girl Cider — Sweet sparkling apple cider with cranberry


Arsenal Cider House

Fighting Elleck Hard Apple Cider Off-dry

Picket Bone Dry Hard Apple Cider Dry

Archibald’s Ado Hard Apple Cider Semi-Sweet

Grierson’s Ginger Apple Cider Semi-Sweet

Arsenal Event Blend Semi-Sweet


Banter’s Hard Cider


Big Hill Ciderworks


Broad Mountain Vineyard

Pine(apple)2 — Pineapple hard cider

The Traditionalist — Traditional hard cider

Bent Birch — White birch inspired hard cider


Civil War Cider

Union Soldier – session cider

The Colonel – fortified appleweizen barrel fermented & aged


Dressler Estate

Modern Still An uncarbonated cider that reminds you of an expressive white wine. Acidity gives way to delicate apple leading you to enjoy the next sip!

Modern Sparkling A bottle conditioned, naturally effervescent cider. Notes of tropical fruit and a velvety mouthfeel that finishes with a clean dryness.


Frecon’s Cidery


Good Intent Cider

Wickson Produced entirely of Wickson crab apples

Adam’s Apple Flagship, semi-dry cider made from a varietal blend


Grand Illusion Hard Cider

Blue Illusion Blueberry Lavender Hard Cider

Street Magic Hopped Grapefruit Hard Cider


Hardball Cider

Splitter  — semi-sweet hard cider that has been back-sweetened with fresh-pressed apple cider

Curveball — sweet hard cider

Sunday Hop  — a dry-hopped hard cider

Riseball  — sweet, raspberry hard cider


Jack’s Hard Cider


Killarney Cidery

Aisling (ASH-ling / vision, dream) — Light sparkle. Incredible flavors come from a simple blend of Akane and Gala. Gala for its mild, sweet flavor and aromatics. One of the best early season selections, the sweet/sharp Akane.

Blas (Bloss / taste, flavor, accent) — Champagne sparkle. Northern Spy – old-fashioned, American variety. Its late ripening yields a highly aromatic flavor. York with its honey-scented tartness. The most recognizable variety, Granny Smith. Golden Delicious brings a good sugar-acid balance. Finished off with the beautiful Ida Red.

Draiocht (DREE-oct / magic) — Medium sparkle. The depth, flavor, and character of McIntosh and Cortland blended with the mid-late season, sweet/sharp Honeycrisp. Paula Red – early harvested – reminiscent of strawberries.

Mil (mel / honey) — Light sparkle. McIntosh and Cortland for depth of flavor and character blended with the mid-late season, sweet/sharp Honeycrisp.


Knockin Noggin Cidery and Winery

Inertia – semi-dry, Granny Smith style tart cider with a green apple flavor

Cranberry – sweet Red Delicious style cider with fresh pressed crannberries

Lemon – hard cider with fresh squeezed lemons similar to a summer lemonade

Hop – Tart cider base and dry hopped for aroma and taste


Kurant Cider


Lancaster County Cider

Peach Vanilla Cider — blends thirst-quenching apple with sweet peach and vanilla, creating an unexpected fresh fruity flavor. This delicious and unique hard cider is a perfect summer refresher!

Blueberry Cider — The clean, crisp flavor of apples intertwines with refreshing blueberries to create a smooth and balanced hard cider with a lasting fruity finish. A subtle sweetness and tangy notes make it perfect for any cider drinker.

Raspberry Cider — This light and refreshing cider had a delicate and refreshing aroma with a fresh sweet raspberry finish.

Dry Cider — The clean and crisp dryness is balanced with a gentle, natural sweetness that creates a smooth mouthfeel and rich, elegant flavor. Your taste buds will be delighted with a long, aromatic finish that will give you a slight pucker. Food-friendly, this cider contains just enough character to complement, not compete, with your meals.


Levengoods of Lancaster

Hopped CiderCider dry-hopped with mosaic and citra hops

Cherry CiderCider with sour cherry


Moon Dancer Cider House

Apple — Fruit forward cider w hints of fresh apples

Cranberry — Hard Cider w crisp notes of crushed cranberries

Raspberry — Hard Cider with a hint of plump raspberries

Hard n Hoppy — Dry Hopped Hard Cider with notes of citrus


Old Stone Cider

Roxbury Russet

Vernal Blend

Virginia Crabapple


Original 13 Ciderworks

Sir Charles Original Semi Dry — Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider

Sir Charles Deep Blueberry Sea — Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider flavored with Blueberry

Sir Charles On Wings of Cherry — Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider flavored with Cherry

Sir Charles Strawberry Valkyrie — Semi-Dry Hard Apple Cider flavored with Strawberry


Ploughman Farm Cider


Reid’s Winery & Cider House

Black Bear


Spring Gate Vineyard

Margarita Cider — This is a sweet cider with the kiss of a margarita! Bourbon Barreled Cider — This cider was aged in a Kentucky bourbon barrel for three months post fermentation using Champagne yeast. This cider is made from the “York Imperial Apple.” This is a smooth as silk cider with an oaky background. Will come…


Stone and Key Cellars

Cherry Pie Hard Cider — A delightfully fresh and sparkling cider with highlights of tart Montmorency cherries. Excellent balance of tart and sweet.

Spy vs. Spy — Gold in color with a hint of green, this hard cider pops bubble gum and slight vanilla in the aroma. Tart lemon notes and dry earthy apple flavors coat the mid-palate, finishing with lingering fruit notes. Made with a blend of Northern Spy & Red Spy apples.

Brandy Barrel Aged — Crisp, off-dry, and very refreshing, with great apple character that is enhanced by the unique and subtle complexity from time spent in an apple brandy barrel. 2016 Best of Philly Beer Scene winner!

Untamed — This cider has undergone a controlled “wild” fermentation, resulting in a crisp, tart, refreshing flavor that really awakens the palate.


The Vineyard at Hershey

Presidential Peanut Butter


Wyndridge Farm

Crafty Cranberry Cider — Traditional champagne style with real cranberry juice with a fresh clean hard cider taste with a hint of cranberry.

Mojito Cider — Fermented with mint, lime zest, juice and toasted oak chips. Bright acidity of the lime citrus and mint aroma are the first things to greet you.

Harrison Single Varietal Cider — Tannin forward Virginia apple fermented dry and aged in medium oak barrels. Harrison is one of the oldest American cider apple varieties known for producing cider of great body.

Come taste Pennsylvania's cider!

June 23 at Hauser Estate, home of Jack's Hard Cider, in Biglerville PA
Tickets $25  •  12 pm - 4 pm  •  Event attendees must be 21+